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“Dustin liked to wake up every hour, usually every 1 to 2 hours throughout the night and he would struggle to get back to sleep as well, meaning that we could be awake with him for a couple of hours at a time. It was pretty horrible and very stressful. The more sleep deprived we got, the tougher it became. Once we started implementing the strategies Hayley suggested, Dustin was pretty much laying down straight away and settling on his own. After a week, his sleep periods at night had improved. For us as parents, we felt a lot better in terms of just being able to function at work and we are a whole lot happier and more relaxed during the day. If you’re thinking about working with Hayley, I would say it’s definitely worth doing, it’s a no brainer really.”


Mum of Dustin, 15 months old
newborn sleep

“Prior to working with Hayley, there was definitely room for improvement with Zoe’s sleep, but I didn’t think that she would improve so much! The change was amazing. It only took 2 days to see a huge difference, we were very surprised, we didn’t think it would work so quickly. The first night was hard, but then the second night was heaps easier and she’s been good ever since then. We’ve gone from waking multiple times through the night to sleeping through almost every night now. I feel much more human now that Zoe is sleeping well. If you’re having issues with your little one’s sleep, I’d definitely recommend working with Hayley. It worked for us.”


Mum of Zoe, 12 weeks old
newborn sleep

“When we first contacted Hayley, our boys were extreme cat nappers AND they were waking up every 20 to 40 minutes in the night! I was in tears all the time, I felt frustrated, angry and upset. It was not a good place to be. I just felt like a zombie in the day, especially because there’s two of them.

Thankfully, after working with Hayley, we feel like humans again. We’re sleeping much better. Their day sleeps are much better and we’re getting some actual sleep at night, it just feels like a game changer. Their sleep has just improved so dramatically it’s just crazy. They’re happier babies, it makes me a happier mum. My outlook on parenting is completely different now. If you’re thinking about working with Hayley, don’t hesitate, just do it. You can’t wait for these things to get better on their own. If you really need somebody who’s going to support what you need and want for your children, Hayley is the right person for you.”


Mum of Rohan and Leonardo, 12 weeks old
newborn sleep

“Hayley from Calm Nights Sleep Consultancy saved us! My husband and I were first time parents and thought that maybe it was very normal for us not to sleep. From the first night of working with Hayley we felt empowered and educated to make positive change. We were shocked at how quickly our son had picked up this new routine and saw results within 2 nights! Hayley has been a life saver and we are so very thankful we have the education and skills to help our little one sleep better!”


Mum of Kaylan, 4 months old
newborn sleep
“From the moment I reached out to Hayley I felt a sense of calm. Hayley is personable, empathetic, understanding and has a genuine interest in assisting children and families achieve great sleep. Hayley has worked with my family to understand Sophie’s sleep needs and given me the tools to manage the “off” days. Knowing my daughter is getting the sleep she needs for her growth and development is an added bonus.
I highly recommend Hayley for any of your child’s sleeping needs.”


Mum of Sophie, 6 months old
night wakings

“I am really happy with our experience working with Hayley @ Calm Nights. I have gone from sleep deprived zombie mum to super mum in just two short weeks. This program came into our lives at just the right time, our daughter took to it like a duck on water and now is achieving 11-12hr night sleeps and very predictable day sleeps. I am very grateful for the help we received from Hayley”


Mum of Delilah, 16 months old
night wakings

“Hayley was extremely patient and understanding. She listened to me and guided me. She didn’t tell me what to do, she asked me if I was comfortable with trying the things she was looking to introduce. She was patient and understanding when we had a bad night. I was worried about teething interrupting her sleep training because normally it would have her awake multiple times a night. When Hayley told me better sleep helps with teething I was skeptical, but after three weeks my little one had cut 4 molars and we didn’t even notice!”


Mum of Mystique, 15 months old
night wakings

“Stevie is now much more predictable and is getting much more sleep. She knows her bedtime routine really well and will now tell us when she is ready for bed. She likes her routine and she tells us “It’s time for bed, the light needs to go off, my sound’s not on, where’s my sleep suit?”, it’s really cute but also so nice that she is loving bedtime now. If your child isn’t sleeping, you need to call Hayley because she’ll sort it out!”


Mum of Stevie, 14 months old
Catnapping night wakings

“I couldn’t recommend Hayley enough! She helped us more than we ever thought possible. Our son has gone from waking up anywhere between 5-15 times a night to sleeping through almost every single night now and his naps are better than ever!

Before seeing Hayley, Rory and I were struggling through the days, I was having multiple breakdowns, not even sure if I could even manage if I ended up with a another baby. But now, we’re waking up in the day with more energy and we definitely have more patience. We are in a much better routine, and it’s made it so much easier as it’s made our days more predictable. The best part of the process was how quickly everything changed and seeing the difference in such a short amount of time, it helped us to stick with what we were doing because we could see for ourselves how much of an impact it was having.

I can honestly say I have no regrets other than not doing it sooner. Thank you so much Hayley!”


Mum of Tyler, 10 months
twins sleeping

“Twins can be difficult at the best of times, but when you have two babies that aren’t sleeping throughout the day, your sanity slowly tends to dissipate! When we approached Hayley, both Oliver and Leo were having inconsistent naps, relying on contact naps and spending most of the day upset and unsettled.

The boys easily adapted to the set routine and were able to improve their sleep skills almost instantly. We came in with the goal of improving day naps and ended with solid day naps AND sleeping through the night! It’s now much easier to plan my day and my husband can also go to bed knowing he (most likely) won’t be woken multiple times throughout the night before going to work the next day.

We would definitely recommend reaching out and getting some assistance if sleep is a struggle! Sleep training with twins isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible.”


Mum of Oliver and Leo, 5 months old
6 month sleep regression

“I was expecting some improvement but certainly not the dramatic changes that saw Percy move from waking up every few hours to sleeping for 10 hours straight at night. Percy took to the changes in his routine immediately, and we have been able to keep to the schedule for day naps easily. Adding structure to his sleep has made it easy to organise the day around his nap times and enabled Tegan and I to attend more outings as a couple and individually, which I believe has been important for our relationship.

Doing this with Hayley has not only helped bub get a good night’s sleep but has taken a massive load off of Mum and Dad, one that we did not even realise was manifesting until looking back. I would ask anyone, even thinking this could be useful to them and their scenario, to please get in touch with Hayley. She was terrific to work with and has given us a solid foundation to build excellent sleep behaviours for our child.”


Dad of Percy, 7 months old
night wakings

‘I just wanted to thank you personally for the guidance and support you’ve provided for Renee and I with Rhys’s sleep.  We feel we are now in the best place we have been with Rhys’s sleep and some great patterns are starting to emerge from the start of the night to the morning. The bedtime routine you provided has worked well, the routine is easy to follow and the document with data input and reflection are excellent resources. We now feel we have a clear direction moving forward with Rhys’ sleep.’


Dad of Rhys, 3 years old