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Gentle Sleep Consultant Townsville & Australia Wide

Our gentle sleep consultancy services are located near Townsville North Queensland, but no matter where you live in Australia, or anywhere in the world I can help you. I can work 100% remotely through Zoom, WhatsApp and phone to ensure you get all the support you need without ever having to leave your home or get out of your PJs if you don’t want to!

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Are you worried about your child’s sleep?

Feeling anxious because your child is not sleeping, catnapping, having terrible night terrors, or going through the 4 month sleep regression? Take the first step towards a great night’s sleep and book an obligation free consultation now.

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Certified Sleep Consultant

I am a certified Sleep Sense Consultant. The Sleep Sense program has helped over 100 000 families get a great night’s sleep.

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Help With Common Sleep Problems

From Maternity to Pre-teens

Calm Nights provides sleep training services for expectant parents & newborns, babies & toddlers through to preteens. We also provide group education services on request. All of these services are available in home or virtually.


“I cannot put into words how amazing Calm Nights is! Hayley listens, and is very relatable, I was talking to someone who genuinely cared. Not only did she help my little one in learning the skills needed to be able to sleep independently as our little one was very attached, she also supported my partner and I through the process. I did not feel judged as a parent for needing help and at no point did we feel we were not heard or pushed aside. I could not rate Calm Nights highly enough.”

Kristy – Mum of Catarina, 10 months

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