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  • How to create a Soothing Sleep Environment to help your child relax and fall with ease

  • How To Use Specialised Sleep Tools to aid in regulating your child’s sleep patterns and promoting longer, more restorative sleep

  • The key to setting Strong Sleep Habits to reduce the  sleep disturbances and bedtime struggles, creating a more peaceful and harmonious bedtime routine for both you and your child

  • Suitable for ages newborn to 10 years whether your little one is a newborn or a 10-year-old, I will provide you with gentle and effective methods to solve night wakings

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Why am I giving you $500 of value for FREE?

  • Some sleep problems can be resolved in just a one hour masterclass. It would feel unfair and unnecessary to sell you an entire personalised sleep package for a simple issue that can be addressed in this masterclass. 

  • However, it’s important to note that not all sleep problems are that straightforward. For more complex issues my personalised sleep packages, where I work with you one-on-one may be more suitable to help your child achieve a great night’s sleep.


  • Register now for my free sleep masterclass $500 VALUE  and take the first step towards solving your child’s sleep issues.
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Presented By

Hayley Laidlow

Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Bachelor of Education with Honours

Masters of Education Leadership & Mangement

I am a certified sleep consultant. Prior to becoming a sleep consultant, I worked in the education sector for 17 years as both a teacher and principal. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education, Honours from James Cook University in 2004 and went on to complete my Masters of Education in 2017.

I have extensive experience in working closely with families to support the needs of their children both in their education and wellbeing.

Having two young daughters of my own and having worked with many families of young children, I know just how important a great night’s sleep is for your little one’s growth and development and how important it is for you!

Hayley & Asha
Sleep Consultant Certified
James Cook University
Flinders University