Maternity & Newborns

Maternity & Newborns

Gentle guidance for your newborn’s sleep 

Our maternity & newborn sleep shaping package is ideal for expectant parents and new parents with newborns up to 4 months old. For babies & toddlers through to preteens our gentle sleep training package would be ideal.

Newborn sleep can be very erratic and this can be very confusing for new parents. Our maternity & newborn sleep package is designed to teach you the skills you need to set great sleep foundations for your precious new baby. 

Our key goals are to help you get to know more about what to expect in your newborn’s sleep and how to set great sleep habits right from the beginning. This package does not include formal sleep training but will provide you with the support you need to gently guide your newborn’s sleep and set up great sleep habits from day one.

With gentle guidance right from the beginning it is possible to have your newborn sleeping through the night from as early as 10 weeks!

Sleep Shaping Pricing

    Bespoke In Home & Overnight Packages

    Would you like the ease & convenience of a sleep consultation in your own home?

    Calm Nights can tailor Platinum & Diamond packages to suit your needs. In-home services range from a one hour consultation to a full overnight stay along with all the benefits and inclusions of the package you choose.

    In home services are available in the Townsville, Ayr, Home Hill, Burdekin & Bowen areas. Other areas may be available on request.

    Please email me for details.