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Gently solve your child’s sleep problems

Our gentle sleep training package is ideal for solving a range of sleep problems including the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, catnapping, night terrors and sleep anxiety. This package is suitable for parents with babies over 4 months, toddlers through to pre teens. For expectant parents and new parents with babies up to 4 months old our maternity & newborn sleep shaping package would be ideal.

Having a child who doesn’t sleep well can be extremely stressful for the whole family. Children can have trouble sleeping well for a number of reasons  Through personalised one to one support we will help you solve your child’s sleep problems through gentle supportive settling and sleep techniques. We will work hand in hand with you to get your child sleeping through the night and having great day naps as well.

We do NOT use ‘cry it out’ but calmly support you and your child in learning how to sleep well, giving your whole family a great night’s sleep.

Sleep Training Packages Pricing

    Bespoke In Home & Overnight Packages

    Would you like the ease & convenience of a sleep consultation in your own home?

    Calm Nights can tailor Platinum & Diamond packages to suit your needs. In-home services range from a one hour consultation to a full overnight stay along with all the benefits and inclusions of the package you choose.

    In home services are available in the Townsville, Ayr, Home Hill, Burdekin & Bowen areas. Other areas may be available on request.

    Please email me for details.